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4 Easy Christmas Recipes

There's something so cozy about baking at home. If you're a new baker, or like to bake with kids, or just don't like to fuss with complicated recipes, you're my kinda baker! I've lined up four of my tried and true recipes that I've made again and again. (Plus two bonus recipes!)

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Baking is a fun activity for a chilly afternoon, and a batch of cookies makes an affordable gift -- with a nice, personal touch. Last year my 11 year old made banana bread for his teacher. It was a hit!

Here's the recipes I've included:

The Best Sugar Cookies

These are a no-chill sugar cookie with only a handful of ingredients! I've made this recipe

These are the Best Sugar Cookies! So tasty with crushed candy-canes.

with a whole table full of kids, and they turned out beautifully. They really keep their shape when baking, so go ahead and use your fancy cookie cutters. For the best flavor, buy the best flavoring extracts in your budget.

Soft Gingersnaps

This recipe has three options to change things up: sugar rolled, dipped, or gingerbread men. I've been making this recipe since I was a child. The original recipe calls for shortening instead of butter, you can use your preference! This recipe is packed with flavor, but comes together really easily.

Easy Butter Tarts

Okay, we cheat a little with this recipe. Pastry is tricky, so why bother? You can buy tart shells frozen at the grocery store. If you're making the filling from scratch, it still counts as home baking, right?! Butter Tarts are a holiday staple, and with this simple recipe you can make dozens in a snap.

Banana Bread

This isn't a typical holiday recipe, but it is simply delicious and freezes really well. This recipe is so moist and flavorful. I take bananas that are past their prime and toss them whole in the freezer. When I want a batch of banana bread I simply thaw, peel and mash!

You can make some ahead for an easy Christmas breakfast. Like I mentioned above, banana bread also makes a great gift!

Two bonus recipes!


This is a really basic glaze recipe that hardens, great for sugar cookies! I like to use glaze to decorate large batches of cookies quickly. Mix in a shallow container, push cookie in gently face down, lift up and wipe off excess. Smash up candy canes with a rolling pin and sprinkle on top to get a lovely minty flavor!

Rich Butter Frosting

This is another old recipe I've been using since childhood. The original recipe called for a raw egg. That turns a lot of people off, so I substitute some cream instead! This recipe stays soft, so not great for stacking, but it is so delicious on gingerbread cookies!

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Do you have a recipe that you love? Feel free to add a recipe link in the comments, either to your blog or another site! I'll go check them out!

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