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Immerse Yourself in Bible History Through Christian Historical Fiction

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A Devotional Designed for Fans of Christian Fiction. 

as the stars

45 Bible Fiction Short Stories

Explore the Bible, one amazing story at a time.

From the tears of Eve to the bond of Priscilla and Aquilla, this Bible Fiction Devotional takes you on an immersive journey through the pages of scripture. 


Deepen your familiarity of biblical figures and find inspiration for your own journey in theirs. Written for lovers of Christian Fiction, this devotional pulls the emotion from the gripping stories in the Bible while staying grounded in scripture. Rally your 300 men with Gideon, brave the king's displeasure with Esther, and trust in God's acceptance with Rahab.


Entertainment and education unite through story comments that add both historical context and relevance for today, and discussion questions follow every story so you can dig deeper with group study.


It's time to travel through the biblical world and discover the amazing events that are woven into God's plan for all mankind.

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About the Author 

Katrina is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom of four, and a Biblical Fiction author. She writes with a passion for New Testament History, especially first-century women. Her published books include Dividing Sword, As the Stars, Joanna, and Wife of Chuza.

This country girl grew up reading beneath the beautiful Canadian prairie skies with a dog by her side and a crunchy apple in her hand. Her homeschooled upbringing fostered her love of writing and founded her ability to dive into research headfirst.


When she's not writing, Katrina loves reading, camping, road trips, escape rooms, iced coffee at the park, and playing board games with friends.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

Check out her short stories on her blog, Jump in the Way!

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