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Immerse Yourself in Bible History Through Christian Historical Fiction


one family's struggle in encountering Christ

In a time when Rome rules the world and the people are crying out for a savior, a revolutionary rabbi walks the land, dividing families and faith. Experience the epic Gospel of Matthew through the eyes of a Capernaum woman and a young Pharisee scribe.

Beth believes Jesus offers healing and hope, but his plan for her husband rises like the waves of the sea to wash away her dreams for the future. Afraid of being left behind, she chases after her husband Peter, but in traveling with Jesus she finds more questions than answers. As her husband pursues the Nazarene with his whole heart and her cousin's bitterness towards Jesus grows, she wonders, what place can a woman have in the coming kingdom?

Reuben believes the way to a restored Israel is through careful obedience to law and tradition, and Jesus of Nazareth is challenging tradition at every turn. Under the watchful eye of his secretive rabbi, Reuben hopes he can rise above obscurity and take his place as a leader among men, but a disastrous confrontation with the Nazarene threatens to destroy his budding career. When his dreams collide with the people he loves, is he willing to do what it takes?

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Reading with your Book Club?

If you're reading Dividing Sword with your book club, make sure to download the free Discussion Questions printable!


These 25 thought-provoking questions will jump-start your conversation and maybe even help you get to know each other a little better. (Warning, this printable includes major spoilers, so don't read the questions until you're finished the book!)

Want to chat with the author? Contact me and I will do my best to meet for a video chat with your book club!

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About the Author 

Katrina is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom of four, and a Biblical Fiction author. She writes with a passion for New Testament History, especially first-century women. Her published books include Dividing Sword, As the Stars, Joanna, and Wife of Chuza.

This country girl grew up reading beneath the beautiful Canadian prairie skies with a dog by her side and a crunchy apple in her hand. Her homeschooled upbringing fostered her love of writing and founded her ability to dive into research headfirst.


When she's not writing, Katrina loves reading, camping, road trips, escape rooms, iced coffee at the park, and playing board games with friends.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

Check out her short stories on her blog, Jump in the Way!

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