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Immerse Yourself in Bible History Through Christian Historical Fiction


Court of the Tetrarch - Book One

She’s bound to the infamous Herodian dynasty,

but her bold faith will carve her name in the gospel.


Joanna must pay the price for her brother’s crime. Claimed as a hostage, she’s forced from the verdant slopes of her beloved vineyard to serve Herod Antipas’ neglected wife.

     In an opulent palace where Roman culture supersedes the commands of God, Joanna struggles to express her Jewish faith. Despite her misgivings, she is swept into the adventure of traveling with the court, and conflicted by her feelings towards the enigmatic man who took her captive. As the royal marriage fractures, she is caught in the crossfire, and her choice will alter the fates of those she loves.  

     When rumors whisper that a man from Nazareth travels the roads of Galilee, healing and proclaiming the kingdom of God, Joanna yearns to follow. When it becomes impossible to leave the palace, she begins to fear her role in an earthly court will cost her place in the heavenly one.


The first novel in

the Court of the Tetrarch series

imagines the origins of the

biblical woman

who beholds the empty tomb.

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Paperback and ebook


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About the Author 

Katrina is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mom of four, and a Biblical Fiction author. She writes with a passion for New Testament History, especially first-century women. Her published books include Dividing Sword, Joanna, Wife of Chuza, and As the Stars.

This country girl grew up reading beneath the beautiful Canadian prairie skies with a dog by her side and a crunchy apple in her hand. Her homeschooled upbringing fostered her love of writing and founded her ability to dive into research headfirst.


When she's not writing, Katrina loves reading, camping, road trips, escape rooms, iced coffee at the park, and playing board games with friends.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

Check out her short stories on her blog, Jump in the Way

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