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Today I was a guest blogger for Fearless Friday’s at Braver than Before!

Talasi's blog focuses on mental health, overcoming anxieties, and serving God. I get a little personal with my insecurities about writing Christian stories.

Here is the post:

“How can you write Christian stories when your life is so . . . well, messy?” At least that is what the anxious voices in my head ask me. These voices nearly stopped me from using my gifts for God. I still battle them every day.

“I’m not a ‘real’ Christian mom,” the whispers say. I remember what it was like before kids, to be “on fire” for the Lord. Sitting near the front. Pen poised at Bible studies. Knowing every word to every song. Now, life is crazy. I forget to pray before meals. I read the kids the same Curious George book every night for a week while the Children’s Bible gathers dust. I sit down to do personal devos, and end up waspish when I’m interrupted for the hundredth time. I haven’t made it through a full worship service for years, yes YEARS, because of chasing little ones through the hall, or supporting a shy child during FBC KIDS, or because one of my four kids has caught a cold, again! I’m trying to grow a sweet, Christian family, but I stumble again and again. Failures like these are embarrassing, discouraging, and make me feel like a terrible Christian mom. A mom who isn’t good enough to bless anyone else.

I was recently reminded that God jumps in beside me during the mess of life.

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