Guided Bible Study Notes: Stay organized and inspired!

Looking for a place to write your Bible study notes, plus a way to keep them organized? Do you ever find you start to study a verse or chapter, but lose focus or motivation to see it through? Do want the option to keep your notes digital or print them out?

If yes, I've got a handy two-page Guided Bible Study Note PDF for you in the free Download Library! There is a printable PDF for those who like to write out by hand, and a fillable PDF if you prefer to keep your notes digital.

(While you're grabbing those, make sure you pick up some of my most popular printables, these beautiful and unique Bible Reading Trackers!)

This PDF utilizes my favorite way of studying the Bible. You can do these steps in one sitting or over several days. I learned some of these steps by studying with the online classes offered by Coffee With Paul. I find that studying this way helps me study responsibly, engaging me in conversation with the authors of the Bible rather than me insisting I already know what they're trying to say.

You can grab your study notes PDF and run (subscribe for the Download Library access code, or contact me if you've lost yours), but if you'd like some tips on how to use these Guided Bible Study Notes, read on!

These Bible study notes will help you really hear what the text is saying

First, make sure you fill out the top section. Fill in the topic if this is part of a series study or a study of a specific theme. Being detailed here will help you group your notes for future reference.

After you've written down the basic information of your study, it's time to get started!

There are three steps for you to check off your list:

Pray. Studying can be challenging, and we need God's help to understand and apply the text.

Read the text in multiple versions. This can help you read a familiar passage with fresh eyes. Sometimes the differences or similarities between Bible translations can give us a new perspective!

Paraphrase the text in your own words. This is a tool to help you not only remember what you read, but zero in on what you missed, and bring smaller details to your attention.

Use these Bible study notes to help you focus on the text, and keep it in context

Sometimes, when you study, you might read a text that immediately makes you think of another one, and then start hopping all over the Bible. This approach can be fun, but if you really want to know what a verse is saying, you need to slow down and listen carefully to what the text, in its context, is trying to say.

Included in the notes is a space to focus on the background of your chosen text.

Note whatever context you can find.

Who wrote this?


Who was their audience?

What is the setting historically, contextually, physically?