Rachel's Stolen Wedding

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The scent of roasted meat filled the air. It made Rachel's heart skip a beat as she hastened home from the sheepfold. Finally, it was her wedding day! All around her was bustle and energy as the servants prepared the food and wine for the large gathering planned for nightfall. Away from the house was a large tent with the sides tied up for the gathering. She blushed as she looked a little further and saw the figure of her soon-to-be-husband as he raised the bridal tent a little ways from the feast. He was a handsome man, her betrothed. Her skin tingled in anticipation of his touch.

Seven years! Seven years since the first time she had laid eyes on him. He had startled her the first time they met. She had come as a girl to the well, and he had rolled away the large rock for her, a feat usually reserved when all the men were gathered at well, for it was very heavy. She had been even more stunned when he kissed her cheek and announced himself as her relative!

Her father had been pleased to welcome Jacob into his home, and even agreed to take the young man as his future son-in-law. Jacob had come without flocks or herds for a bride-price, but he had been willing to serve seven years so that he could claim Rachel as his own.

Seven years was a long time for a man to wait, and sometimes Rachel worried he would despise her before the time was up.

“Do you still desire me?” she had whispered only a few weeks ago. “Do you still wish for me to be your wife, the same way you did all those years ago?”