7 Tips to Change the Way You Shop

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Hate to Grocery Shop? Me too. Let's make this a time of blessing others! Learn the number one tip for a positive shopping experience, plus planning and organizing tips! Jump in the Way with Katrina D Hamel

So this post is a bit of a departure from my usual, but I think sometimes its nice to take a look when faith hits the floor and moves from the pages of a book into how we go through life.

We all have chores we don't like. Whether it's the mountains of laundry, the grass that just keeps growing, or the car that seems to grow stale fries and cracker crumbs, we approach the dreaded task with a sigh of frustration.

For me, that's grocery shopping. I swear there is a hiccup in the time continuum when I shop for the week's necessities. It's even more disorientating as the days grow shorter. Last week walked into the store in daylight, and left in dark. I checked the time as I pushed a heavy laden cart through a slushy parking lot wondering, "How long was I in there?!"