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Author Interview with M.E. Weyerbacher

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Meghan Weyerbacher graciously allowed me to interview her on her first novel: Organic Love.  Tips and Encouragement for aspiring writers, and a sneak peek at the next book in the series!

The best part of blogging is the people you meet! Meg blogs encouragement for writers at -- something a lot of us creative types really need. I was drawn to her blog when I saw that she was just releasing her first novel, something I've been preparing for as well. I love watching people achieving their dreams. It gives me hope that I can too!

Meg graciously allowed me to interview her on her first novel: Organic Love.

Organic Love is a sweet (and clean!) love story that unfolds beautifully between two new neighbors. The romance may be clean, but M.E. Weyerbacher is not afraid to dig into the mud of her character's struggle with past grief and on-going anxiety. Her characters find healing and love in a way that will warm your heart, and make you laugh and cry. (I know I did!)

You can buy Organic Love on Amazon! If you purchase through my link I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you! (Thanks a million for your support of this blog!)

Interview with Author M.E. Weyerbacher

When did you first know you wanted to write a book?

Meg: I've been writing books since I was old enough to write sentences. I would ask mom for paper and use tape or the stapler (with help I hope...). She still has a few of my first books, even one I submitted to a publisher at the age of ten. The desire has always been there, but somewhere in my teenage years I took a detour and began believing lies that what I wanted wasn't a good enough goal. And I'm to be honest, I am rather practical too--and publishing wasn't near as feasible as it is today, so it was always easier to pursue a normal clock in, clock out job--or say yes to one more "other" thing.

Where and when do you feel like you do your best writing?

Meg: I have two modes of writing, so I can hash out each. I do my best book writing after coffee but before lunch. I feel like when I try to surpass what I know is a good word count for me and shove it into after lunchtime slots, it doesn't pan out most days. This is due to having other responsibilities, and when I put off important things, the pressure and guilt surfaces, snuffing out the creativity. So I've found it's best if I am content with my little bit each day in the time frame. For blog ideas and planning the day(s) ahead, I prefer to sprawl out on the bed in the evening (I only do this about once a week) and give my week a flexible template to go off of. I write goals for each day, thoughts (so I can hopefully sleep), and blog ideas. All of these I file in separate areas. If too many things are mixed together, I get overwhelmed and wad them up for the trash. #yikes

Can you share a word of encouragement for aspiring writers?

Meg: Never give up. A writer told me this, and I pass it to everyone who wants to or does write. Whether you write for the benefit of your own mental heal and soul joy, or for the love of others--give it space in your life because you will be able to give out of the fullness of who you are when you do.

Holding back the gift never did any good for me, and I don't recommend it--even if you are already busy. I am raving fan of Jeff Goins and he recently interviewed James Clear on his podcast, The Portfolio Life. James says even two minutes of something can be the best way of starting a habit. Often, we bite off more than we can chew. But if your life is full right now, how about carving out only those 120 seconds to write, and store the results in the same place every day? You'll be surprised at what may spawn from it! 

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Meg: I grew up on Janette Oke and will forever love her work. I also love Tricia Goyer, A. W. Tozer, Steven Pressfield, C.S. Lewis, Jon Acuff, Sally Clarkson, Austin Kleon, Sam Collier, Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson (poet), Anne Ortlund, Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, and Emily P. Freeman (not necessarily in that order!)

Do you share any characteristics with your main character, Reese?

Meg: I do. I am an introvert and have dealt with anxiety for sure. I didn't plan on creating her to be like me, although I've heard a person's favorite work tends to resemble something of their life, even if under the surface. 

Your book is set in a charming small town. Would you rather live in the country, a small town or the big city?

Meg: If I could choose, I would live in the country just outside a small town, and travel to the big city if my wallet afforded it. I love each one for different reasons, but I've always been a country girl, barefoot creek climbing until it was time for supper. I even did most of my homework in our treehouse, growing up.

Can you share any details on your next, upcoming novel?

Meg: Sure! I probably should be sharing more, but I am getting used to this whole writing-a-book-while-simultaneously-communicating-with-others thing and I must say, I am not very good at it haha! I get focused and it's hard to pull out of that for more than a few minutes, unless with family, etc. 

Book Two Details:

Can childhood friends be soulmates?

Corrie Wyler's a free-spirited twenty-six-year-old actress chasing her dreams and all the wrong relationships. When she gets a call to come help her aunt and ill uncle run their furniture shop in their small Colorado town, she knows it's not only the right thing to do but may be the healthy choice. And this trip is only a temporary detour, right? She packs her bags and road trips from Oregon, but some problems follow us, don't they?

Jude Flanigan works for Corrie's aunt and uncle while trying to establish his own furniture business, but overcoming heartbreak and death in his own family has left him with more than calloused hands. Then Corrie shows up, their reunion less than sparkly. Previously bonded from summers spent together, Jude's always thought of Corrie as a little sister. He wants to protect her and be the friend she needs, but it means risking his heart again.

Hope is running thin in Clear Creek County. Will the fate of this family's business be too much for Corrie and Jude to handle, or will life's storms blow them in the right direction?

Intrigued? I know I am! If you would like to get on the mailing list to see the final cover reveal (coming up soon!), AND get a book link when it releases in January, simply click here!


Dec 20, 2018

Ah technology! Not sure what happened, Meg. Thanks for posting again. :)


Meghan Weyerbacher
Meghan Weyerbacher
Dec 19, 2018

Thank you Bettie! You are an amazing support and friend to me. You both are! I commented before, Kat, not sure why it didn't go. #TechLove right? Have a great Christmas/Winter season.


Dec 19, 2018

Thanks Bettie!


Bettie G
Bettie G
Dec 17, 2018

What a great interview! Thank you Katrina for sharing, and thank you Meghan for giving us a glimpse inside your heart of writing!

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