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Book Review of Peter's Miracle

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Does Jesus really see me?

Most of us have found ourselves asking that question, or something rather like it. If we do believe that Jesus knows us – our hopes and strengths, our fears and our failings – we find ourselves asking:

Can Jesus really use me?

These are the poignant questions Cheryl Creamer Merrill seeks to answer in her illustrated children's book: Peter's Miracle. The story focuses on one of the miracles of Jesus, and brings out a fresh truth from this well-known scripture.

The artwork by Bethaney Abercrombie is absolutely beautiful, and there are thirteen full page illustrations to captive your child.

Peter's Miracle was a hit with my six-year-old son! It is the perfect length for a bedtime snuggle and a talk about how Jesus know and loves him. I found my throat thickening as the author brought the story to fullness with this wonderful line:

"Then Peter knew, if the Master knows this of a fish, surely He knows what is inside me. And He can make what is inside of me, be enough."

I found myself holding onto this precious truth for a long time after. This is the best kind of story, one that can touch kids and adults both.

Though there were a few spots where I found the writing style could have been polished a little more, the message of bright hope shone clearly through!

Some of the beautiful artwork!

You can visit Cheryl at her website by clicking here!

Cheryl Creamer Merrill provided me a copy of her book to facilitate this review, but these are my honest opinions.

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