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What Does Resurrection Mean for Us? My Guest Post for Kelly R Baker

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Resurrection has just become so blasé. We see it everywhere in our entertainment, from Gandalf, to Harry Potter, to Superman. Death is used as a literary tool to bring the audience to the edge of their seats, for what is more gripping than cartwheeling down the tightrope between life and death?

Resurrection is not even a one time thing in the Bible. We see Elijah raise the widow's son, and his protege Elisha did the same thing to another young boy. A man rose to life after simply touching Elisha's bones! Jesus raised a boy to life, and a little girl, and then Lazarus. There is mention of several nameless resurrections after Jesus rose from the dead. Peter raised Tabitha from the dead, Paul raised Eutychus.

Of course, there is one resurrection that is the most famous of all.


The women burst out of the tomb into the bright dawn. When they emerged, the angelic being was gone from the large stone. The women fled from the tomb together, Mary Magdalene and Beth still clutching hands. As her feet flew, Beth’s heart pounded with exultant fear at what she had witnessed.

They were half-way down the mount when they came upon a figure on the road. They slowed to a walk. The man was dressed in a simple robe, with sandal-clad feet. At first Beth thought it must be the gardener, but then he turned and smiled at them, and they all stumbled to a stop. Beth felt the air sucked from her lungs.

“Good morning,” Jesus smiled at them. “Peace be on you!”

“Oh!” Mary Magdalene gave a choked gasp, and ran ahead of the women and fell at his feet. “Rabbi!”

Beth’s feet moved forward as if of their own will. She could scarcely believe what she saw with her own eyes. As she drew nearer she looked at the hands that hung by his side, and cringed when she saw the holes where the spikes had been driven. Yet, despite the scars, the man was not standing like one recovering from crippling scourging and crucifixion.

Her eyes drew up to his face, and she saw his happy expression. She looked in his eyes, and joy poured into her.

“Rabbi!” she cried out as she fell on the ground at his feet and worshiped him again, the way she had so long ago, in the boat on the Sea of Galilee. The other women came and knelt before him as well, all of them watering the soil with happy tears.

Jesus spoke to them, “Don’t be afraid. Go and take word to my brethren to leave for Galilee, and there they will see me.” The women rose to their knees.

“I don’t want to leave you,” Mary Magdalene cried, reaching out and clutching at the hem of Jesus’ robe.

Jesus laughed, “There is no need to cling to me. Go, tell the others.”

Beth rose to her feet, and the other women followed suit. They went a few steps down the path, and when they looked back, Jesus was gone. Beth blew out her breath. “Did that just happen?”

“It did!” Mary Magdalene looked at her with wide, shining eyes. “Jesus is risen! He is alive!”

Taken from my novel, Dividing Sword


So what's all the big hoopla over Jesus' death that warrants him a holiday and not someone like Lazarus? What made Jesus' resurrection special?

Jesus' death on the cross did not look unique to the people, though it was barbaric and torturous. Only the lowest of the low, like slaves or enemies of the state, were crucified. Yet, it was on the cross where things changed, for without obedience to the cross, there would have been no resurrection. As Jesus hung on the cross, innocent of all sin, obedient to the Father in ways we could never be, looking to all the world like he had lost, he was casting the winning blow against sin and death.

As a result of Christ's victory, the grave could not hold him, and death was reversed. Jesus joined the scant list of resurrected people. However, there is one thing about Jesus' return to life that is entirely different than any other resurrection in the Bible. To read the rest of this post, go visit the site of Kelly R Baker!

Dividing Sword is available now on paperback and ebook! Experience the gospel of Matthew through the eyes of a woman and a Pharisee.


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