Writing Biblical Fiction Together: Three Unique Looks at the Lame Beggar

Updated: May 14, 2020

I will always be fascinated by the different creative approaches to the same story. Read on for a unique and fun way to study scripture, plus a free downloadable ebook to get you started!

Last week, I shared my short story with you: 'When We are the Lame Beggar'. I wrote it as an assignment with my family Bible study group. Not everyone chose to write a creative poem or story, but with those who did, there was an amazing mix of similarities and differences. Reading each unique perspective plumbed new depths in my appreciation of the wonder that Peter performed when he grasped that lame man by the hand and raised him to his feet.

Everyone deepens their understanding of scripture in varied ways during different seasons of life. Handwriting chunks of the Bible, memorizing, word studies, devotionals—the list of valuable study methods goes on and on!

My current favorite ways to deepen my understanding and appreciation of the gospel are by digging into the Bible's historical background and through creative writing.